How can I boost my NFT for free?

Boosting your NFT or promoting it requires a certain targeted marketing strategy.

How can I boost my NFT for free?

There are a number of ways to boost or promote your NFT, the obvious one is to do paid promotion but that’s not why you're here. Instead let’s discuss the free ways to boost an NFT.

Twitter and Discord, when it comes to NFT it's all about community, a place where people belong and have a common interest. Discord has become the standard platform for communities to gather, share ideas and discuss the project. Almost every NFT project and the successful ones have a discord so if you don't have one you need to get one setup.

Twitter has positioned itself as a recruiter for NFT projects; it's a place where you announce your project to the world and bring in members to join your discord and the larger community. No sales or mints take place on discord rather a channel to new people who may not have heard about your project.

Twitter is an important tool and must not be ignored. Without it you will struggle to grow your community. You need a call to action hook to your project, aside from paid advertising social media does a great job of bringing in new members who may become future minters.

Instagram is limited in its features in that it does not allow links on its posts. Instead, you have to place your link in the bio section of your account. This reduces the chances of visitors coming to your website as the impulse call to action link is missing on the post. None the less Instagram is much bigger then twitter and has 4x the user base so don't ignore it every little helps when you're trying to get for free.

Schedule your social media posts. This is important to grow your followers using apps like Buffer and you can schedule posts to happen when you are offline so your social channels are always feeding in new members.


Added : 28th April 2022, Author